Saturday, August 20, 2005

Make Someone Happy with Angelina

As if it wasn't enough that Angelina Jolie is arguably the most beautiful woman on this planet, she adopted two kids, both under age 4... Does motherhood make her look the slightest bit tired looking? haggard? Unkempt? Decide for yourself with this photo to your right. The woman is in a robe and she is still stunning. That Zahara is one adorable baby! Maybe Angelina is magical and bewitches all who come within her presence into their most beautiful forms. Wait, I forgot about Billy Bob so that can't be true unless she came upon this spellbinding power after they separated! Ah yes, its good to be me and have the answers to everything.

In other news relating to other people and their outward appearance, Brad Pitt dyed his hair black. I predict the following comment to be said by Jennifer Aniston, "Johnny Knoxville called; he wants his look back."

Jude Law. I recently heard about there being photos of him naked outside his moms house. Poor Jude. Since I am lacking in maturity I will add the following: He came from London, went to France, swam outside with no underpants. Everybody now!


Emily said...

Its not human to look like that. I am teeling myself she has 3 hihgly trained nannies, and a personal masseuse following her around all day.

As for Mr.Pitt, my first thought was, "Look! Its Collin Ferrell's brother!"

Mary said...

atleast this time he was/is dying his hair for a movie part.

And Angelina DOES have nannies. Probably atleast 3. Not to mention a personal assistant, and lots of other folk who are oh so eager to help out. But she is gorgeous. Even if I had all the help she did, I still wouldn't be starring in any movies... ;)

Alien said...

I happen to be really attracted to Billy Bob. No, I'm not kidding. Lay off, bitch. ;)