Thursday, December 29, 2005

You say four hours like its a bad thing!

Last night I was online reading various news stories, checking up on a few of my favorite blogs, etc. I love my computer, this I readily admit - I am always walking over to it to look up something or other. I play computer games more than I watch TV (especially now when all of TVdom is a freaking TOMB of reruns and lame garbage)

My dear husband tells me he is going to bed while I was looking at puppies (Ok I never said all of my computer time was research into a cure for disease or anything) I turned if off and got into bed to hear him say, "You've been on that damn thing for four hours!" Well first, NO but off and on, sure... Second, when your wife gets off the computer and into your bed - probably not the right time to be tossing out barbs if you catcha my drift.

I'm not complaining about my husband (today anyway) because in all honestly, he is a far better husband than I deserve. I just figure if he is watching a basketball game there's no harm in my puttering around online. He wasn't even really complaining, more remarking that he found it incredible anyone could find something to do online for that long. (and again, in my defense I wasn't on that WHOLE time, I did a few household chores during)

Speaking of wasting time online, I'm sorry you have wasted so much of yours reading all of this drivel.

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Alien said...

Four hours? That's it? Tell him you've got NOTHING on me. ;) LOL!