Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Meet Matthew Dubay. Matthew had sex multiple times with his girlfriend without a condom and when she got pregnant, he made a big fuss and demanded she get an abortion. His then girlfriend, Lauren Wells, decided to keep the baby. Their daughter Elisabeth is now 8 months old and Matthew was taken to court to pay child support.

Since Matthew is a complete douchebag, he is now suing to remove all financial and emotional responsibility from himself regarding his daughter. It seems Matthew thinks that if you knock someone up and you dont want to take responsibility, a man should be able to force the woman to have an abortion.

"She was given the right to have an abortion, keep the child, put the child up for adoption, and whatever she chooses, I have to go along with....Under our laws, our constitution, that doesn't seem right to me."

Aside from his obvious choice to use a condom when he has sex or not have sex in the first place, he does have other choices. Once the baby is born, he can then be a father and support the child emotionally and financially or he can take the fair and modest alternative to the lifetime commitment of being a father and just pay financial support.

I just have zero sympathy for men that feel they have the right to fornicate and then "choose" whether to accept the consequences. DON'T HAVE SEX if you aren't open to the risk! Sigh. I could write paragraphs more about my thoughts on all of this. There are points to be made on both sides but it all comes down to accepting the risk of pregnancy every time you have sex. It can happen.

Look it comes down to this. Men and women are not equal. They just aren't. Certain things SHOULD be equal but there are differences galore and some of them just need to just be accepted. Men get the short end of the stick in certain areas just as women do in others.


Renfield said...

The title of your post says it all. Can't wait until a judge tells him to keep it in his pants next time.

Leslie said...

I sooooo completely agree on this one. Except I think men and women *are* equal. They are not *the same.* There are tasks for which men are *on average* physically, mentally and emotionally better suited, and also therefore responsible for (pros and cons) Same with women. My hubby gets out of some of the worst tantrums with our infant/toddler kids because he can't nurse them and that's often the only thing that will soothe them. Can I sue him for being a non-lactating slacker?

Heterosexual intercourse carries the possibility of pregnancy. There are several reasonably effective ways for men to reduce that possibility, and one sure way.

Chelle Y. said...

What a jerk! I am so happy that my son's birth father did not pressure his girlfriend to get an abortion. Instead, she gave the baby to me and now I get the joys of being a mom because of her unselfishness.

I am not saying all girls who keep their baby is selfish, but she could have "killed him." I am thankful everyday for her.

Emily said...

Not ven sure how to comment.

[shaking head]