Friday, April 14, 2006

Birth Control for 10-13 year olds??

The Facts of Life AND Birth Control is the title on the pamphlet given to my daughter today at her 12 year old physical well visit at the pediatricians office today. Also in the reading library are Protect yourself from AIDS and other STDS, From a BOY to a MAN, Getting Your Period, Suicide and Depression, Tobacco Fact Sheet for Teens and last but not least, Deadly Data on Handguns.

I realize that the pamphlets were mass stapled together to be given out to all kids at their TEN TO THIRTEEN year old well visits, and yes, I can vaguely see the general/preventative sense that it makes to hand these out but seriously, I am about to have a heart attack reading what some of this crap says. Welcome to California living I guess.

In defense of the doctors office, the stapled mass was handed to ME and she said for me to go through it and decide what to share with my daughter. But earlier, I had given K the option to go in to the room by herself if she wanted to... if she had I sure hope they wouldn't have handed this stuff to her, some of it is really graphic and other parts I completely disagree with 100%.

Moving on, the most "entertaining" form I received was on how to deal with normal adolescent rebellion. Seriously, some of it actually made me laugh. It said, (and I quote,)

1. "Treat your teenager as an adult friend." Um, no.
2. "Avoid criticizing friends, recreational interests, use of free time, use of money, speech, posture and philosophy." OH kay... so spend your money and free time doing drugs or whatever the hell else you want to do with whomever you want, talking however you wish... NO CRITICISMS HERE! Give me a break.
3. We want our teenagers to express their anger and to challenge our opinions (We do?) Expect your teenager to present his case unreasonably but don't accept name calling. (no worries there) You can respond with a comment like, "It really hurts me when you put me down." (So long as that is immediately followed by, "And that's why I knocked your disrespectful ass to the ground";)

Seriously people, the problem with most (not all, just some) people and kids today is the lack of manners taught to them by their parents and the Affluenza that is running rampant across this country. Too many parents think their child is entitled to have the best of everything without working for any of it. Then they grow into adults that cut in line and treat other people like crap because they feel entitled to getting whatever they want at precisely the moment they decide they want it. Where is the pamphlet telling parents to get their head out of the cloud of eliteism they think they belong in and start raising respectful, responsible and grateful children?

(climbs down from soapbox)

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