Friday, July 14, 2006

Senseless vent o' the day

Without going into the irrelevant details, last month I started getting wrong numbers on my cell phone. ALL FOR THE SAME PERSON. Apparently some freaking moron got a new cell phone and wrote the number down wrong but then gave it out to about 3/4 of the state of California because EVERY day someone calls my phone asking for this guy.

I thought after about the 30th time that it was a joke, like people saying, lets call this number and keep asking for this dude to make this lady nuts but the people that call are all different, from different numbers and its almost always business related. They are also always very nice and polite so I can't even get any validation from yelling at them, after all, not their fault.

I just checked my voicemail to hear two messages asking if Mr Jerk Face would share his meeting on Friday and to call her back. The second said basically the same thing, but a different person. OK people, if you put on your listening ears, when you get my voicemail, it says you have reached SLIGHTLY DRAMATIC (ok really it says my actual name) Who the heck then leaves a message? I am going to find this guy and get his actual phone number and then I am going to ask everyone I know to start calling him asking for someone else. I want to see how he likes getting wrong numbers that use up all his allotted minutes all day long.

Someone needs a nap. (That would be me)

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Renfield said...

OMG that would drive me freaking INSANE!! I probably WOULD start making shit up, too.