Friday, September 22, 2006


Well what do you expect? I'm 8.5 months pregnant and have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo. Honestly, I think I actually forgot I had a blog until the other day.

Things around here have been so flipping busy that I don't even have time to update them all with a synopsis. Well maybe I do - My husband is having issues with his work sending him out of town CONSTANTLY and then making him work 16 hour days with NO days off. I am going batty carting three kids back and forth to school at three separate starting times and dismissal times and then on Thursdays, its a whole DIFFERENT schedule! Honestly, with my memory at the end of the day if I have three kids in the house, I'm congratulating myself. My only solace at this point is that the fourth one is in utero so I can't lose her but I seriously fear misplacing her once she's free. I swear I did homework while in school and college yet every night I sit down with the kids to do hours more. Really gets old after a while.

Normal typical daily mothering stuff complaints go here.

My friend who was due three weeks before I am had her baby yesterday so I am officially on notice that I have 3-5 weeks before the same fate befalls me. I have to get all the stuff I have been putting off! (diapers, blankets, binks, nursing pads, nursing bras, washcloths, you name it...)

Hopefully I will be back with updates assuming I don't get lost and/or forget again.

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