Sunday, February 19, 2012

Haunted Dollhouse

My latest project is something I have wanted since I was a little girl. It's a dollhouse. But wait! It's not just any dollhouse, it's a HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE *dramatic music* I wasn't quite cool enough as a kid to have wanted a haunted dollhouse, back then, I just wanted the Strawberry Shortcake house or a Barbie dreamhouse but somewhere along my aging and over 100+ trips inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, I came up with the idea to turn a dollhouse into a haunted one.

My awesome husband bought me this dollhouse kit at Hobby Lobby so this is the model I will be attempting to construct. It is the Alison Jr. model and you can use the 40% off coupon for it!
Mine will not be pink. When I got online (God I love the internet, you under 3o year olds have no idea how isolated life was for us over 30s growing up. We had to go to the library or magazines for information and then spend time outside doing stuff instead of getting to read 3,000 pages of tutorials and cat pictures and finding other hilarious people that like the same weird stuff you like)

On that note, I was quick to find out to my surprise that I am not the only person on earth to have the genius idea to make a haunted dollhouse. In fact, Jenny Larson, a.k.a. The Bloggess, has one! If you're reading this and you don't know who she is, click here and go there because she's really funny and her dollhouse is amazing.

So, that's what I am up to craft wise these days. I hope to take pictures as I build it, starting with tonight.

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