Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who are you and what are you doing here?

This marks my official first entry into my official first blog. Welcome to 2005. To be honest, I never quite understood the concept of the blog, after all, isn't it a tad narcissistic to assume that your thoughts and all the minute details of your life are of interest to others?

Of course the answer is all dependent upon either having an interesting life to write about or being prolific enough to write about nothing... Well, creatively.

I decided to do this because I have really been enjoying reading all of my friends blogs and once I figure all this out, I will put some links to theirs up. Years ago, my cousin and I used to exchange actual letters. (Remember back when people had to WRITE? So primitive those days) Anyway, we would keep a copy of our letters and the response letters in a binder and it ended up being sort of an antiquated form of what the blog is today. I still have that giant binder and I am thankful for that window into my past.

Jesus, what a snoozefest this first entry is. My apologies. I will be back later with hopefully something more entertaining than the above drivel.

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