Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fun With Fours Poll

Thanks Tracey - here's mah answers:

Fun with Fours
Four Jobs You Have Had:

1. Deputy Sheriff - County Jail - Hired on an hourly basis since CA was under a budget freeze at the time. Left when I got pregnant with my now 12 year old. Sigh... I miss it... Being a cop was/is in my blood. I actually breathe more heavily and deeply when I hear police sirens, LOL. That said, I had a friend murdered in the line of duty while I was pregnant with my daughter and it made me rethink the career. As a child, my husband lost his mother to cancer and I see the hurt and damage it caused him. No job is worth costing my children their mother so after I left, I never looked back.
2. Loss Prevention for Sears - where I met my husband! (he worked in hardware while he put himself through college.) I worked there after graduating the academy and awaiting an official job in law enforcement. There was a major state budget freeze in 1992 so I had to wait it out.
3. Bank Teller at Hewlett Packard - boring but they treated their employees really well and had the coolest cafeteria ever. You could get practically anything there to eat. My favorite part was having to wear an access pass and getting to slide it through stuff to get into places. It was like being at the Pentagon or something. (I was just out of high school so small things amused me, OK?) I left there to go into the police academy.
4. Admin manager at a preschool - Jumping ahead to 1997 -We moved to the coast for a few years and to find kids my daughter's age, I took a part time job at a preschool as a receptionist and ended up running the enrollment and billing, etc. Basically a receptionist with a ton of extra stuff to do. It was fun though, I realized that I really do love all kids but some parents are total idiots. OH! Remember Grant Show from Melrose Place? (Jake) His nephew went to the preschool and he came in one day to pick him up. That guy is SO freaking nice and he adored his nephew (this was before he had kids) He is also about 10X hotter in person than on TV which is pretty hot. I met some really cool parents there.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over Again
1. You've Got Mail
2. Die Hard with a vengeance
3. Somethings Got to Give
4. Ocean's Eleven

Places You Have Lived:
1. Santa Cruz County, CA (City of Scotts Valley)
2. Roseville, CA
3. Sacramento, CA
4. Orangevale, CA

Four TV Shows You Like to Watch
1. House
2. American Idol
3. CSI(s)
4. Law and Order(s) and my HBO choice: DEADWOOD

Places You Have Been On Vacation:
1. Naples, Florida
2. Disneyland, CA
3. Lake Tahoe, CA
4. Los Angeles, CA

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. June 2001 Mommies
2. Conversations about Famous People (Funniest celebrity blog ever)
3. Toontown Online (LOL)
4. Friends Blogs

Four of Your Favorite Foods:
1. TORTELLONI (meat filled with mushrooms, peas and broccoli in a Romano cream sauce)
2. Peppered turkey breast from the deli sliced extra extra thin.
3. chicken enchiladas
4. Haagen Daz ice cream

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Back in Naples getting a massage
2. Disneyland
3. In my own giant hot tub with massaging jets (that I don't have)
4. In my perfectly clean and organized house (that doesn't exist yet)

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Mary said...

We have 2 of the same movie likes. I love you've got mail and ocean's 11. Post the link to that converstation blog, sounds interesting!