Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The name game

Is it lame to start considering baby names before you are pregnant? I'm thinking it is, or at the very least an annoying behavior if one were to burden her friends asking opinions about names when there is no baby in any immediate future. Especially in my case, I'm not even sure that I can get pregnant again.

The only odd thing in this situation is that I have gone shopping several times since deciding to try for #4 and not once so much as browsed at baby clothes or toys. It didn't even appeal to me to look. Names? OMG I have got names on the brain! I cannot stop it either, I fear I need medication or electric shock therapy.

I gave all my baby name books away a few years ago so every night as I am falling asleep I have 50000 names running through my brain. I either:

1. Can't stand the name
2. Like the name but not for my kid
3. Have a friend with a child with that name.

My current quandary is once my husband and I decide on a name and I happen to have an online friend with a child of said name... Courtesy dictates I ask her permission, no? Does courtesy dictate she must give me permission? I think it should. (crosses fingers)

We have pretty much set our minds to a particular name if the baby that has yet to be conceived turns out to be of the XY gender. I just so happen to have a dear, sweet, charming, beautiful as well as funny, smart and giving friend with a child with that very name! Should I get pregnant, I'm sure she wouldn't mind our using it. ;o)


Denise said...

LMAO! I do the same thing.....I haven't dared to bring up names to Ray yet, until we get a bit farther along and I know things are going well. (I have a start of a list though, recycled from being pg with Parker).

Alien said...

OK... is it bad that I sat here for 5 minutes trying to remember if "XY" is a boy or a girl? LOL!

Anyway, if you HAPPEN to have a girl, I give you my complete permission to use the girls' names. Um, not that you would (or would want to), but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Oh, and Allison is a FABULOUS name for a baby girl. And you DO have two friends named that, so it would be a wonderful tribute... ;)

Janet said...

It is never to early to pick names! It is all part of the fun. I am sure none of your friends would mind you using the same name as their child. I think it is flattering when someone else has the same name as my kids, they obviously like it:-)

Renfield said...

I still think of names for my kids and I ain't havin' any more! LOL!

I think Billy B------er is a fabulous name and you should use it =)

TC said...

I still think of baby names and I don't think I will be having another one ever. You can use my kid's name if you so desire, becuase I know you were talking about me ;)!

Carrie said...

XY is a boy, right? What's your boy name already?? I'm dying here!

Scully said...

Since Carrie is forcing me, the XY name we like is Braden William. (and gracious as she is, Carrie did say I can use it!) Carrie rocks.