Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random things about today:

1. I hate Britney Spears for ruining Cheetos for me. Not like I ever eat them but today I saw a little bag of them and totally wanted some but all I could see was that comic picture drawn of her stuffing them down her gullet and then I sulked away from the cabinet.

2. I also hate whatever spawn of Satan created Haagen Daz ice cream. It was on sale all month at the grocery store and inside of a month I put away three pints of it. I need an intervention. I am swearing off all ice cream from today forward. Last month I had actually lost 6 pounds and weighed myself today to see that I gained it all back plus two.

3. I take back #1 - I am now thankful that Britney ruined Cheetos for me.

4. My husband must have skipped all classes concerning reproduction in school as well as paid zero attention to anything that went on when I went through infertility treatments for years because he has said to me twice in the past 24 days of this current cycle, "You could be pregnant right now and not know it!" Um, no honey.. no I can't. See because I first must ovulate and then... Well you all probably know the timeline. He's so cute though, I'm still not sure if he really wants another baby or he's just giddy that he gets daily sex.

5. I have spent all of 24 days charting my morning temperature and I am already sick of it. I realized that I prefer to live in complete ignorance of what is going on with my body.

6. I also realized today there hasn't been one moment in the past 12 years that I wasn't the mother of a child under 5. It's still surreal to me that my youngest will be turning five in 3.5 months.

7. My six year old has lost his mind and seems hell bent on making me angry today. He printed out about 17 inches of tape from my label maker earlier. He knows he isnt allowed to touch my craft cabinet but whatever... I didnt get mad I just told him not touch things that do not belong to him or he is going to his room. Next thing he does? Takes all the bills off the bulletin board and brings them to me asking what they say. ??? Have ya lost your mind, boy? All this while he was supposed to be doing his homework. It's like some unknown being possesses him and he starts acting like... I don't know what. So I sent him to his room and now I am being subjected to him sitting in his doorway pretending to cry. You know, his life is now over since he was sent to a room full of toys and has been in there all of 10 minutes. SIGH.

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Renfield said...

Yeah, thanks for the joke! I don't think Alex's teacher would be surprised if he came in with that one, honestly. She's the one that remembers Billy, then a Kindergartener, announcing that the librarian would "KICK YOUR ASS!!!!" if you ate food in the library.

I think we share the same middle child. In one ear and out the other, and then the fake tears and wailing when they get in trouble. *sigh* It's exhausting, isn't it??