Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Sunday of procrastination and wasp death

Not going to comment about the gazebo, suffice it to say that it still remains in its unbuilt form. I do have somewhat of a rational excuse though as while I was out there, I came across a baseball sized hornet/wasp/yellowjacket (whatever those Satanic beings are called) Beasts flying everywhere, frightening my children, etc. I was too chicken to get close enough to take a photo of it but I did manage to spray the bejeezus out of it with this amazing can that shoots like 20 feet of wasp poison at the nest. (and I wore rubber gloves so no poisoning of the fetus) I actually think those suckers could be used as self defense for women... 20 feet away and that stuff comes soaring out of the can!

Unfortunately, I think the wasps were not home when I bombed them because going out there today, they are all sorts of them basically just errantly flying about the backyard. ??!?! NO! I need giant netting surrounding my property. Or hey, I could build the dang gazebo and then hide out in there since it has netting.

Since I enjoy wasting time (and effectively putting off building of the gazebo) I went to Lowe's and bought two of these gems:

So now of course the goal is for me to get these hung up without spilling ANY of the yellowjacket ATTRACTANT onto my person. Surprisingly, more difficult for me that it would appear as while agile and strong in many areas, I have the amazing ability to cause injury to myself in the most ridiculous manner possible. Spilling attractant upon myself and then running from wasps just seems to fit.


Carrie said...

LMAO! I'm sorry, the thought of you running around your yard with a cloud of wasps chasing kind of funny. Just the scenario of it though. Of COURSE I wouldn't be laughing if it actually happened. ;)

Melissa said...

That's why you wait until it gets dark and all the bastards are in their nest asleep. Then, there are no survivors. Mwahahahaha

Hope the trap works!