Friday, May 12, 2006

The love/hate blog relationship

Sooooooo the non updated blog entries finally got to me and I ended up pulling them all off one night because I felt like I had nothing of interest to blog about, yet it drove me bonkers seeing it neglected.

Not a whole lot has been going on here while at the same time, I am always busy with something child related so it sure seems like I am busy, just not accomplishing much.

The wasps... I am still in an ongoing battle with those little bastards. Every few days, a new nest is somewhere yet my traps hang empty! I think they are mocking me. My husband sprays the nests and the next day we knock them down so they haven't won control of the yard but it would be so much easier if they would just fly into the traps and kill themselves. I hate wasp nests -- for the obvious reason of the wasps but I mean that I actually cannot stand to LOOK at one. I don't know why but all the holes... shudder. It grosses me out completely.

Mother's Day is in two days and when my husband asked what I wanted to do that day, I told him I wanted to buy some flowers and plant them in the backyard and have a BBQ. I'm not sure why I asked for this since right now my allergies are so bad that even being outside for very short periods has my throat burning, itching and my head completely pounding but I do love spending the day out in the yard with my husband and my kids. Except for the periods of rock throwing, whining, complaining and fighting between the children, its a lot of fun for us to be out there and playing with them. My husband is the rough and tumble game player and frog finder and I host the gardening classes. I am still amazed at how all three children at their different ages can each seemingly have the time of their lives running through a sprinkler. It's probably something that one day I am going to look back on and wish I spent more days out there with all of us together, wasps and allergies and all.

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