Monday, April 17, 2006

Random things:

Easter morning my four year old asked me if grown ups can see the Easter eggs. :o)

The smell of hard boiled eggs makes me want to hurl.

I think that people that go out in public for pure entertainment purposes while sick should be not only shunned and shamed into leaving, but probably also pelted with rocks. You don't HAVE to be at the train museum with your hacking phlegmy coughs, spraying millions of your contagion around others, you selfish jerks!

I think my children have collaborated to never allow me to get a decent photo of any of them. I am going to have albums full of half closed eyes, totally closed eyes, blurs from turning heads or just plain non smilers. When cameras aren't around, they are actually happy so I don't get it. Must be the photographer.

I have a personalized license plate on my vehicle even though as a general rule, I find them to be stupid. I have to get a new one after this baby arrives since my current one makes reference to the number of people in my family. The ones I want are taken so I either have to track those people down and force them Sopranos style to give up the plate or get a regular, non personalized one. Christopher Moltisanti should expect a call from me in about 4 months.

"Adrianna wouldn't give up her plate either."


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

1) I vote that we get to throw rocks at parents who send sick kids to daycare/school too. Occasionally, you're just going to have to stay home with your sick child. Sorry 'bout that. Inconvenient little boogers, ain't they?

2) I didn't get my first choice of personalized tags, but a creative spelling got me what I wanted. Maybe you could switch around the letters a bit?

Melissa said...

Quin is the same darn way about pictures. He'll be dancing and smiling and being his usual adorable charming self. I get out the camera and he stands there like a zombie. LOL

Scully said...

Kim, I wanted either 2XX 2XY if I have a girl or 1XX 3XY if I have a boy but those are taken (as are the reverse order) They have 2XYN2XX or 3XYN1XX but that N in there bugs me. (and I'd prefer to have 1XXN3XY so it would be in the right birth order but someone has that too!) Hence my needing a mafia thug with a bat and convincing demeanor. ;o)