Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Super Patient!

Countdown to sex! Er, the baby's sex that is.

Had my checkup at the OB today and found out I gained 5 pounds. Always a fun feeling. All my OB said was, "You've gained weight" no further comment. Hmmmm. I'm up a total of 6 pounds at almost 19 weeks which is pretty good so far for me, especially considering how much weight I put on with #3. (He was my ice cream baby) At the appointment prior to today, I had only gained one pound from my pre-pregnancy weight and he told me my weight gain was good. I guess that means 5 pounds in a month = not so good. (shrugs)

I had my AFP blood draw today and I go for my ultrasound next week on the 13th! We are finding out the sex because I have no patience whatsoever and I am just dying to know if my final baby is going to be my second baby girl or my third son.

Oh and I voted today and I got a cool sticker to prove it. It's on my shirt right next to the giant circle that says "Super Patient!" that the nurse at the lab stuck on my shirt. I actually found that amusing since I am pretty much anything but super patient. (I am, however, quite a superb patient so I wore it with pride :)

I have never understood how women can wait to find out the baby's gender. Don't get me wrong, I don't think anything is wrong with that, I just know that I could never, ever have the will to wait and be surprised. I guess I don't see the difference between being surprised at the ultrasound or at the delivery... Well, except that at the ultrasound its SOONER which to me, of course is better.

Feel free to make a guess as to the baby's gender in the comment section!


Scully said...

BTW, that is the exact sticker I walked around with stuck to my shirt all day. I'm such a pregnant dork.

Alien said...

LOL about the sticker. You really are a dork. ;)

I'm guessing it's a girl. :)

And the difference between being surprised at the u/s and being surprised at the birth is that when I'm surprised (at the birth), I can also immediately hold my new little son or daughter. LOL!

Renfield said...

Yes, Alien, but at the birth, your new son or daughter is nameless. I got to hold Billy, Alex, and Caty immediately following their births =)

I could never understand how people wait, either, Scully.

PS: Nice sitcker (dork!) LOL!!!

Susan said...

I'm guessing a girl.

I could not wait either...we had to know what we were having and we had names picked out well before they were born.

Can't wait to hear the results of the u/s

Kim said...