Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm old

Had my birthday this week. 29 isn't OLD is it? Too bad I turned 33.

Bad news of this week is that I have had a migraine for three days. I was really hoping I would stop having them once I got pregnant but so far, not so good.

The good news is that I finally felt the baby kick!!! On my birthday of all days too which was an extra nice gift. (16 week old fetus and he/she is already thoughtful and giving!)

Weather here stinks... it was 100 degrees for three days. In May. I am going to die this summer being pregnant in this heat. At least I have that kick butt gazebo thing finally built. Thankfully I didn't attempt doing it by myself because it was about 854221587 pieces and took my husband and two of our children to get it built. It should keep the swarms of yellow jackets away from me and allow us to eat dinner outside should we ever get hungry around 2am when it finally dips below 80 degrees.

My husband and I also decided against using the name Ava if this baby is a girl. I still LOVE the name but it has gotten SO popular that we decided to at least consider some other names. We both agreed we liked two names but they seemed more nicknames than grown adult woman names. Turns out that I found a name that I think is really beautiful and both nicknames could be used from the one name! We agreed not to tell anyone because ever since we told people about the name Ava, several pals sent me a notice every time anyone had a baby with that name and well, not that they ruined it but it just seems more fun to announce it when she is born and remove any chance that someone will make fun of it or tell me there is a really bad person with the same exact name.


Melissa said...

33 is my favorite number! We could be friends! LOL

Susan said...

Sorry you're dealing with a migraine from he!!. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Yay for having the gazebo built...I bet you'll get a lot of use out of it. I think we're in for a very hot summer here too.

BBC said...

Woohooo... never never say 'old' , I am in my 50's and still feeling good about it :p

Good Luck! with the baby