Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Only 86 days until Halloween!

That time has come once again for me to decide what this year's project is going to me.  This year I don't really have too much of a choice in the matter as by popular request from previous years Trick or Treaters, I will be making the Mayor of Halloweentown.

Me? I am so honored!!

The number one reason I hadn't made him before was that I simply could not think of a way to make him three dimensional and to be able to store him somewhere. Our Halloween collection has begun to take up a considerable amount of space in our garage and the Frightful Fountain I made last year is large and in no way able to be broken down and stored in any way.  I hesitate to even admit this, but it rained last Halloween and I ended up dragging him inside to dry out by a window in the office and uh, he may still be standing there today.   I can always tell who has seen the Nightmare Before Christmas when they visit our home as I either hear, "Oh my gosh, is that from the NBC?" OR "Oh my gosh, WHAT IS THAT? Is it choking itself?"  :) 

Back to Mr. Mayor.  Because of the storage concerns and also due to where I plan to place him in my yard, I decided to make him out of plywood. Yes, he will be flat. *sad trombone*  But, I will paint both sides and obviously do his dual faces.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to be able to spin his head. (I do, I'm just not sure how to accomplish this exactly) October is a windy, rainy month where I live. 

The other thing I plan to do is to build more Halloween fencing.  I only had time to make two panels last year and I need about 20. I should be able to get a decent amount made this year since I don't think the mayor will take up too much time. 

More soon! 

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