Friday, August 12, 2005

I feel for you Bamboo

Bamboo is being sent away for being a cranky female. I bet a few of our husbands wish they could send us all to one location to be "amongst our own intolerant kind"

I tried to spy with my eye the fumigation truck last night to no avail. Once it hit 82 degrees in the house I gave up caring about breathing and decided if I was to die from pesticide, it would be a cool death. When I went outside this afternoon to water my flowers I smelled a pesticide smell so I am guessing they did come by but I am officially tired of discussing it so the subject shall end henceforth.

School starts for my oldest two kids in 10 days. Suprisingly, I am not all that excited about it. I am a lazy person so I dislike having to help out at school and do homework and plan outfits and iron shirt collars, etc. I am such a sucker when it comes to volunteering. I cannot say no when I get asked to help out. I am one of "those" that smiles and happily obliges but them complains to my husband what an idiot I am for agreeing to do said task.

Other random things I am pondering today:

-what happened to the unky moods site? Did my joining break it?

-how is it no one has pulled this lady up short for being such an ignorant and arrogant jerk? Background: Maria Alquilar is an artist from Florida. In 2004 she was paid $40,000 to put a ceramic mural on the side of the new library in Livermore, California. The mural features portraits of historical figures with their names spelled incorrectly. That wasn't the city council's intention when they commissioned the work, of course. It's just that Alquilar can't spell.

She then told officials that she would fix the 11 misspellings if they paid her an additional $6,000 plus travel expenses to correct the work they had already paid her $40,000 to create. While you could argue that really only has her leading the pack in arrogance, what makes her a class A jerk is that she actually is blaming others for her spelling mistakes, saying someone else should have pointed it out to her as she was installing it. Reminds me of that Snickers commercial where the guy spent all day painting "CHEFS" in the end zone instead of "CHIEFS"

-What in the heck is wrong with Tara Reid? Every photo I see of her she looks almost in the same state of skankiness.

-WHY is anorexic thin the new "in" look with celebrities? Weren't they skinny enough before? I swear I am going to shove food down Teri Hatcher's throat or at least tackle her and make her stop jogging. Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan - I swear these girls are not going to eat until their bodies are the same width as their heads.


Alien said...

Is anyone else as surprised as I was to see Tara Reid actually wearing underwear? I thought for sure she was a commando chick.

Scully said...

I think it helps keep the antiseptic cream on or maybe the crabs from jumping off? Maybe thats why she looks so unhappy, Paris made her put on underwear for the ride over. :o)