Sunday, August 14, 2005

Six Feet Under

Be forewarned: Once I fall in love with a show, its fate is surely sealed. My love has killed many a good show. Lets start with X-Files. Granted, once Duchovny (another name I hate spelling, thanks David) left the show, it went straight downhill. The ending stunk and WHEN is that dang movie coming out? deep breaths...

Carnivale. One of the best shows ever. Acting was amazing, storylines thick and it lasted two seasons. WHY? Because people found it too hard to understand. Lovely. Lets put junk like Paris Hilton on TV because the masses can follow along but don't try to challenge anyone to actually think or God forbid, pick up a book to research the history of something. I actually used to watch Joan of Arcadia which arguably wasn't that spectacular of a show but hey, it was wholesome TV that I could watch with my kid! Sex and the City ended and now Six Feet Under goes just that after this Sunday.

I am realizing that I watch too much TV. Maybe thats why I have insomnia.

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