Monday, August 08, 2005

Someone is going to be sorry

Its 3:50 am and I am still awake. Can't sleep because my 4 year old has a cold and his asthma is flaring. His meds make him wired so he's up watching a movie in his bed. I decide to check my email and someone who will remain nameless (because I plan on killing this person and don't want to tip off the authorities) sent me an email supposedly about some guy finding a coyote in the woods. Of course the sound was low so like an idiot, I turned up my speakers and turns out, shock of shockers, not-about-a-coyote! It was one of those things were something jumps out at you and screams? OMG I almost peed in my chair and now I am never going to freaking sleep with all the adrenaline going through my veins. Seriously people, that crap is NOT funny. I HATE those things! I have only sent one to someone ONE time and that was payback for her doing it to me first. (Psst, sorry Tracey, it was either get you back or never speak to you again)

Here it is if you want to see for yourself but you have been warned.

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