Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dumped by a wax man

Aww geez... Jennifer Aniston is not having a good year. Even her wax husband has moved and taken up residence elsewhere. (And judging by the fist she is wielding, I'm going out on a limb assuming that the lady posing in the photo is a proud member of "Team Aniston") How bendable are wax fingers? They should just move Jen right on over next to Brad and have her giving him the bird. Did Brad ever seriously go to an awards show with his shirt unbuttoned like that?

Moving on, can anyone explain this? I am having difficulty figuring out exactly to which demographic this is targeted.

In personal news, the garage door spring was fixed today (finally) and my youngest son has a virus and threw up all over my husband at Target last night. He is still running a fever but so far no more vomiting. (Thank you God!) I spent all day today outside pulling weeds and gardening and a frog jumped out of my fountain right onto my forearm and not only scared the bejezus out of me but then when I froze and yelled "AAAAH!" it then jumped FURTHER up my arm! (Small frog, size of a quarter) My six year old son grabbed him off me and put him back in the fountain. Last but certainly not least, we leave for vacation in 32 days! 32 days.... 32 days....

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Renfield said...

What grown woman do you know that WOULDN'T want that snappy t-shirt?? I'm running out and buying two - one for work =P