Sunday, September 18, 2005

QVC is the work of Satan

In case I haven't screamed it quite enough this week, allow me this moment to say that QVC sucks in the suck suckiest of all sucky ways. Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.

Allow me to first admit that why yes, I am rather ashamed to admit that I actually purchased something from QVC. In my defense I wasn't watching them on TV and then decided to order, I went to their website because they carry this particular expensive brand of makeup that I wanted to try and they had a good starter kit deal, blah blah blah- blood of a virgin and so on. I am going on vacation in two weeks so I needed it by then. I paid to upgrade shipping to priority mail (a whopping extra $2.78) but it got it here in time for my trip. I get an email later saying that it will be delayed a week. No reduction in shipping or at least the refund of the $2.78 for the inconvenience, just a "BTW, aren't YOU screwed" email. So I called them and dealt with not only the most unhelpful person but quite possibly the stupidest moron I have encountered in quite some time. (You know who you are, Becky Y!!) Even though THEY changed the date by a week, they say that it says somewhere on there they can have up to 10 business days to deliver. hmmm. Lets think on this. I pay you more money to get it here faster and only if it works out for them, your company will actually follow through?

Here's what really sent me over the edge: After I explained to her for the second time what the website said about the number of days, then explained about the email, she actually was nice and said, "Hold on, let me see what I can do, I have to talk to my supervisor." sigh, great, thanks. Minutes passed, (Bet you got lost on the way, didn't you Becky?) She came back and apologized for the problem and told me she could get it here in four working days, upgrading to UPS and was that soon enough? YES! That would be perfect! Then she put me on hold for like 5 minutes, came back and said, "It will be an additional $8 shipping - your new total is $, your card has been charged." thud. I died. My kids called 9-1-1, they came out shocked me with paddles and I came back to life. Holy hell. Then she asked if she could help me with anything else. (Hmm, I'm not sure... can you go jump in front of a bus?)

Now see, there's a point when I am getting irritated and angry that I officially zoom past the point of even being capable of being remotely polite to a person. Its like an inner demon is released. (We call her Ghoulie) I have at least learned to know when there isn't a shot in hell of me being civil so I just got off the phone.

In summation, I hate QVC.

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TC said...

Hey do you have my email? I want to meet up with you when you are here (if that is you want to meet up with me)!