Thursday, September 29, 2005

Party of Five

Four more days until we go on vacation! WooHoo! I am totally excited obviously but I have yet to start packing which is an adventure in itself with me. Packing for five people is somewhat difficult, especially since we are flying this time (adding more anxiety on my part since I do NOT like flying at all) and obviously, I have to pack way less than if we were going to be driving the 7+ hours down to Disneyland. I stupidly already admitted this to my husband, but I actually LIKE packing because I am one of those strange Martha Stewart types that gets actual happiness by things being organized. That said, my house is nowhere near organized... I try, but with three kids and being lazy... well some things fall to the wayside and its not as "Pottery Barn Catalog" as I'd prefer. Our house is just too small for all of our stuff. I love my house, don't get me wrong but it is a tad on the small side for five people. Back to the packing, its fun to get somewhere and have everything all neatly packed and organized, etc. I am also one of those germ-a-phobic freaks that wipes down the remote control with cleaner and takes the comforters off the hotel room beds and stuffs them into the closet because they never wash those things. I would say that we also buy the $5 pillows from Target and use those instead of the hotel ones but that might be too much and you might then really think I have issues. I will say that maybe we do that but definitely not if you happen to think it strange.

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