Thursday, September 29, 2005

You Down With OCD?

I keep thinking I hear my automatic garage door opening. Years back when I was a senior in high school some kids programmed a garage door opener and rode bikes up and down the street trying to get someone's door to open and steal their stuff. They got ours opened while I was home and right as I was slowly walking up to the back door, the handle moved from someone trying to open it on the other side. AAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Thank God it was locked or I would have FREAKED. I did not open the door since I obviously didn't know they were teenagers at the time until they were caught later by the cops. (They stole some tools) I walked over and opened the front door, then slammed it and locked it and sure enough, that made them haul tail out of the garage down the street on their bikes. (I stayed IN the house the entire time, just tried to fake them out like someone was actually coming outside)

So back to 2005, I keep thinking I hear it open and its driving me bonkers because I have to go check. I just realized that I can lock it from the inside so maybe I will do that in effort to save me from an additional 47 trips. Wait... did you hear that?

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KFblogger said...

Scully, If I have to read that you're leaving on vacation in 4 days, one more time, I'm gonna lose it. KF