Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Three things

Three random things about me:

1.) I play on toontown online with my two oldest kids. I have no explanation why, but I totally love that game. Well, besides that I am a dork. I also play Sims 2 but that really needs no explanation because that game kicks serious Sim booty!
2.) I love America's Next Top Model. That show is just so deliciously funny! "Modeling is hard, y'all!" I love Tyra Banks though.
3.) I gave birth to my first child twelve years ago tonight. It's a girl! Happy Birthday sweet K! I am so afraid of the teenage years! Lord, give me strength!


Alien said...

She looks like she's constipated.

EE said...

*sigh* I love America's Next Top Model too. Although I was upset when the lesbian chick's "girl" went home.

EE said...

Oh and Alien, it's not just MY blog, if I were to leave another comment (umm, like I am now, lol)my word would be "hiabndbg".