Saturday, December 24, 2005

So this is Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve! I don't know how you like to spend this precious holiday time at your house but here I enjoy it crying on the phone to the man at Fed Ex. Thank goodness this blog is fairly anonymous because I am already mortified that I probably ruined that man's Christmas.

I was going to come here yesterday to post the mother of all rants against Fed Ex and their so called "overnight delivery" but since I already posted rants against other companies I didn't want to make my blog theme that of angry consumer.

Truth is, most of the time I am a fairly disgruntled customer because I really have little tolerance for either incompetence or lack of politeness. This makes me group companies into love em or hate em categories.

I always find it odd that even in a horrible company there usually seems to be that one caring person that winds up being astonished at how crappy you had been treated. I often want to suggest they switch jobs in effort to limit their frustration. Mike is that one guy at FedEx.

Without going into the long sorted details of who and what they screwed up, suffice it to say that they smashed my first item, utterly destroying it to the point they didn't even attempt to deliver it. The company sent another one "overnight" 2 days ago which of course has yet to be delivered. Perhaps FedEx has confused "overnight" with "fortnight"?

I waited all day yesterday for this item to be delivered, assured it was on the truck and of course it didn't arrive. Supposedly would be here today and when I called at noon they said that it wouldn't be here until after Tuesday. (This is an item I ordered in SEPTEMBER but was delayed numerous times and then finally sent overnight, smashed then resent) SIGH.

Minutes later, Mike from FedEx called me and told me he was looking into my case and said he found out the second one was damaged. I then lost it. Full blown waterworks. I don't normally cry in front of people but this item was part of a limited edition and the one sent to me was the last one they had at the warehouse. Poor guy already felt bad and when I started crying he sounded even worse than me. Now I am apologizing to him for crying like an idiot, he's apologizing to me vowing to file complaints against the subcontractor (did you know FedEx subcontracts? Explains why I never see anyone in a FedEx uniform)

So anyway, that was the drama of my day. I am summing up since its now nighttime and I have three little ones I need to get tucked in with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

In closing, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all, use UPS!!!!!!!

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Emily said...

Yea, Fed Ex sucks...I've had issues myself(none as bad as yours, but still)....BLEAAA....