Friday, March 31, 2006

Don't EVER text me!

Soooooooo a few weeks ago at 2AM I get a text message saying, "Hide under your covers and stop worrying about who is outside haha" Now I don't recognize the number and I assumed it was a misdial but I replied and said, "WHO THE HELL IS THIS?" Thinking the person would figure out he made a mistake and apologize. I hear nothing back until 2:30 something and I get, "This is Mike, wow you are rude tonight" Ok well clearly this dude is not gettting that he is texting someone he doesnt know so I call him and let him in that he's not texting whomever he thinks he is. I think he was drunk but it was a younger guy and all he said was, "Ohhhhh okay"

Foward to earlier today I got a text message on my cell phone... I go and read it and its a semi-dirty joke. I furrow my brow as I look at the from number, not recognizing it at all. I figured its dumb guy again.

I walk my phone over to my husband and ask him if he knows the number. He doesn't. So I get the grand idea to have him call the number and tell the person that they just sent a dirty text to our 12 year old daughter. (I'm thinking I will make them feel bad that they are stupid and can't enter a phone number right, after all I've been particularly ornery lately so why not spread it around? ;o)

Despite thinking I'm odd for not just ignoring it, he calls and kindly asks, "Yes, I'm trying to find out who from this number just sent an indecent text to my 12 year old daughters phone." silence. Husband turns to me shaking his head in disbelief and then says to me,"It's your friend, genius."

Whoops. So not only was it my friend, it was my very pregnant friend, who is on bedrest that my husband was forced into scaring half to death thinking she mistakenly sent our daughter that joke. SHEESH. Luckily she has a sense of humor.


Renfield said...

Way to go, genius!! LMAO! I love you! Please tell me that wasn't "I Love Bugs" - PIMP!

Carrie said...

DOH! You're killing me, Scully! Well...was it (I love bugs)?

Scully said...

Yes, yes it was.