Sunday, April 02, 2006

Things that are annoying about me:

So you're here, welcome! I have realized that the past several entries have been one rant or another - well today instead of being angry at the outside world I am turning it onto myself:

1. While I would never describe myself as insecure, there have been moments that I stupidly let get to me and it almost always is in regard to friends.

2. I curse. Now, 99% of the time, never in front of my children but there are times when it just flies out and I hate myself for it. For some odd reason, since I got pregnant I have been a lot more verbose in my use of the forbidden language. Must be progesterone, that stuff is evil.

3. I am a partial packrat. I save too much stuff and its always stuff that I might need later or I plan on using for a project I have been planning for 2+ years. I don' have mounds of stuff all over my house but there are always boxes of stuff in our garage and despite the fact my house is small, it is so hard for me to let it go. I actually read a book on the subject and it said that people that grew up lacking emotional attention, put value in their things and then form emotional attachments to them. Hmmm. Not really sure I hold an emotional attachment to a box of clothes, I am just not willing to give them up for free and too lazy to sit down and list them on ebay. At any rate, its annoying behavior.

4. I put off doing things I don't want to do like going to the dentist for as long as humanly possible. I hate the dentist. Not the person, just the whole going there process. I have to find a new dentist for my kids and my husband and I and since all I have to go off of is a list, I need to call and ask questions.... Maybe I should just title this one I'M LAZY. I hate calling doctor or dentist offices and talking to the receptionists - most of them are bitchy and act like you are ridiculous to ask questions. I found out when I was pregnant with my youngest that I am no longer immune to MMR and I needed to get the vaccine. Guess what? I put it off and now there is a freaking outbreak of the Mumps in the U.S. Perfect. (and of course I can't get the vaccine now since I'm pregnant)

"Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow." Mark Twain

In other news not so much related to me personally yet still worth bitching about, I found out we have termites in our house, again. This is such a serious pain, every year we have to pay upwards of a thousand bucks to have the house treated for subterranean termites that are running rampant at the rental house next door. You'd think after paying to get the house treated three years in a row would qualify us for a free one this time but no since each time, they showed up in a different part of the house. I hate bugs.


Alien said...

Would you like me to suggest a few more things? LOL! ;)

Kappy said...

fucking termites