Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sims 2 and pregnancy

I play Sims 2 - just for fun one night I built a Sim house that is basically to scale of my actual house and made a family that looks like mine. I couldn't give them the same names as my family members though because that would just wierd me out if one of them died.

Anyway, I'm now pregnant so I had to go knock up my replica Sim. You can't choose which gender baby your Sim will have so I thought it'd be at least vaguely entertaining to see whether my Sim had a girl or a boy:

GREAT. One of each gender. I hold Emily completely responsible for this.


Melissa said...

Scully's having twins! Wooo hooo!

Kappy said...

What'd you name them?

Scully said...

I didn't save the game LOL. If I play again, will I keep having twins no matter what? It can't be my replica family with twins and I can't kill one! (WOW that sounds horrible) I can't name them because my other Sims are using our middle names, something we haven't decided on yet for this baby.

Emily said...



If you don't save after giving birth you have different babies(I did this once when I got ticked because I wanted my alien baby to have people eyes....LOL)

TC said...

Hehe! HAve you had an US yet? Maybe Sims knows something you don't.