Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My mothers day gift from my son

My son filled in the blanks to this form at school. His answers are in all CAPS.

My mom's name is JOLIE. She is 33 years old and weighs 120 LBS. Her hair is RED A LITTLE and her eyes are BROWN. She cooks SMOOTHES the best. (Smoothies, and for the record, I don't really cook them)

She doesn't like BUGS AND RATS very much. She likes to watch AMSTROG AND GEDEY on T.V. My mom spends a lot of time WASHING. I bet my mom would like to have a KAKE for Mother's Day.


This is my favorite Mother's Day gift ever. I literally LOL that he wrote I spent a lot of time washing! He meant laundry and wow is that ever true. I am always behind on laundry. Oh and the show he said I like to watch is this. Armstrong and Getty. I love those guys and Tivo them every day and listen to it while I fold laundry.

I also cannot believe they asked seven year olds to guess their mother's weight! He could have just as easily guessed 220 pound or 720 pounds but how glad I am he guessed 120! How did he know my EXACT weight? (Give or take 30 pounds) LMAO.

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Carrie said...

LMAO! That is sooo cute! I heart Nolan. My fave is, "My mom spends a lot of time washing." At first I thought, "Gosh, Julie must take a lot of showers!" PIMP!